High Exposure ledge, Gunks, NY. 2019. The Dangler, Gunks, NY. 2020.

I grew up in Marin County, CA but have always loved to travel and have lived in Palo Alto, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Senegal, Cambridge UK, New York City, Princeton, San Francisco again, Palo Alto again, New York City again and Oakland. Here's a more comprehensive list of where I've spent time.

I'm licensed as private pilot, wilderness EMT, and scuba diver. Growing up I spent a lot of time playing American football, rugby, soccer, water polo, baseball, and ice hockey. I then spent some time working as a sea kayak guide and doing triathlons. These days much of my energy is focused on rock climbing indoors or outdoors around the world.

Though I had a Facebook account when it was limited to just four universities, I (mostly) avoid social media.

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