High Exposure ledge, Gunks, NY. 2019. The Dangler, Gunks, NY. 2020.

Classic Games

Some games created by me and my friends in Intermediate Computer Programming at Redwood High School. Many are still also posted at Redwood High School's site. Hopefully coming soon is Steve Zabielskis' Flight Simulator.

The Adventures of Nutter the Squirrel

Platform game involving the beloved Nutter. I don't know how this was approved for widespread distribution in a public high school. Probably my all-time favorite though, plus it is fairly difficult to finish.

TankWar 2000

Multiplayer tank battle game. Was banned at one point from the school's labs because the games were getting too heated. Back by popular demand though.


The first computer game I ever wrote. Still popular amongst bored students in the school's mandatory Computer Literacy course. All time high score is believed to be around 1,800,000.


(with 7 others) Implementation of minesweeper by the entire AP Programming class of 2002. Exactly like the standard Windows version, except with more interesting graphics, which were stolen from a variety of sources.


(with Steve Zabielskis and Tyler Jank) This was the result of three people attempting to recreate the excitement of wiffle ball in a Windows 32 console environment. The premise was probably doomed from the start, still this game remains installed on every computer at the school.

Seagull Invaders

(by Tyler Jank) Adaptation of the classic Space Invaders. The guy throwing rocks at the seagulls is actually me. The entire source code for this game was written with the word "seagull" misspelled as "segal."


(by Tyler Jank) Asteroids version incorporating some inside joke I never understood.