High Exposure ledge, Gunks, NY. 2019. The Dangler, Gunks, NY. 2020.

I teach and research computer security with a focus on applied crypto, security economics and human factors. I'm currently interested in verifiable lotteries, cryptocurrencies and encrypted communication tools. In the past I've worked on HTTPS, web authentication, side channels, software obfuscation, and privacy in social networks.

I'm co-author of a textbook on cryptocurrencies which you can read for free online.

I'm always interested to talk to students about research ideas. If you're a prospective PhD student or post-doc, or current NYU undergrad or master's student, get in touch to see if we can find a project together. Please include something you learned from my "about" page so I know haven't spammed every faculty web page you can find.


Melbourne Uni logo 2021- Associate Professor University of Melbourne CIS
NYU logo 2017- Assistant Professor NYU (on leave) Courant Institute
EFF logo 2014-2017 Tech Fellow EFF
Stanford logo 2015-2016 Postdoc Stanford Applied Crypto Group (Dan Boneh)
Princeton logo 2014-2015 Postdoc Princeton CITP (Arvind Narayanan)
Google logo 2012-2014 Engineer Google Security Team
Cambridge logo 2008-2012 PhD Cambridge Security Group (Ross Anderson)
CRI logo 2007-2008 Cryptographer Cryptography Research
Stanford logo 2002-2006 BS, MS Stanford Computer Science

Selected publications