Joseph Bonneau
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About me

Brief biography

I grew up in Marin County, CA and have since lived in Palo Alto, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Senegal, England, New York and New Jersey. Here's a more comprehensive list of where I've spent time.

Hobbies & sports

I'm licensed as private pilot, wilderness EMT, and scuba diver. I've also always been into sports. I've played American football, rugby, soccer, water polo, baseball, and ice hockey competitively. Recently I spend more of my free time guiding kayak trips, climbing or doing triathlons.

Social media accounts

Various more information can be gleaned about me here, some of these accounts long since inactive:
  • my twitter account
  • some old press clippings
  • some things I've written
  • my Facebook page
  • some old Picasa pictures
  • My old my old grad student blog
  • Nerdy web stuff

    Just for fun, here's some more information about me restored from my beautifully-designed original homepage, or as it was known at its peak "the second date precluder."

  • My Erdős number is 3 (J. Bonneau-P. van Oorschot-C. Coulbourn-P. Erdős)
  • A diagram of my academic genealogy going back to Isaac Newton and beyond, from Ian Goldberg using data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project.
  • Classic Computer Games
  • Classic Computer Games
  • Countries I have visited
  • Zoos I have visited
  • Climbing gyms I have visited
  • Some of my favorite riddles
  • Word lists that are interesting to me and probably nobody else: